Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fraught time in our national life

James Fallows, one of my favorite Journalists and Columnists, is back swinging in a very profound way - correctly diagnosing 'national state of mind' and how we my slip further down. Another equally bright mind, Jonathan Bernstein, brings a different take on the matter.

Unprecedented Media spot light on Supreme Court (absolutely for right reasons) is basically making many Americans to think in much more holistic ways, reflective ways. Here are few more thoughtful commentaries I found which give some hopes that this nation can still find some 'sense in her public life':

- An instant classic about how GOP successfully built the narrative where 'mandate is gone' becomes a fate-accompli.

- Much more reasoned take on what Arizona Immigration Ruling means.

- Possible inner workings of various rulings which are going to hit this week.

- A text book example of how justice is to be delivered at local courts (where I would say core of 'rule of law' is implemented).

- Why in the end Supreme Court still has to respond to political winds of the time.

And my personal opinion about the Supreme Court ruling about Arizona Immigration Law - Court got it right, but it compromised 'efficiency' of our government and essentially of American Society by letting 'future litigation' to address the very likely excesses of 'papers please' clause. But since future litigation door is left open, one can live with the ruling. What does it say about ObamaCare ruling? I think nothing, will wait till Thursday.

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