Thursday, June 28, 2012

The guy who owns the day

I believe Chief Justice Roberts would feel worth all the scorn Conservatives are showering upon him if President Obama and Democrats do what they are now asked to do - defend the Obama Care by pointing out real benefits which would accrue to all those 'have-nots' of this land for which so many politically forces in this country tried for so long to provide the minimum health care.

Hands down Chief Justice Roberts stole the show. Not for nothing an ultra sensitive mind like Jonathan Chait would feel relieved today.

In one respect one can say that Chief Justice Roberts made himself available for the retribution of Gore loss in 2000 which James Fallows lamented couple of days back. Of course, these are long terms historical accounting items which this humble / small blogger cannot grasp. But what matters is Chief Justice Roberts rose for the occasion to make a genuine try. Absolutely, that is great for this Republic.

Update - Chief Justice Roberts rightly attempted to put a limit on 'commerce clause'. Indeed Democrats and Congress will do good in not testing the limits of Commerce Clause and be within their limits. That is for sure Chief Justice Robert's gift to Conservatives

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