Friday, June 01, 2012

Obama in serious trouble

"Obama has let the Republicans put him in a box on the economy and the deficit.Their refusal to allow any further economic stimulus and Obama's failure to make that intransigence an issue have made him politically dependent on an improving economy. Their refusal to agree to a "grand bargain" on the deficit and his failure to pursue one himself have given Republicans another issue on which to base their campaign.

So what, now? Obama needs a serious Plan B, a campaign strategy that doesn't assume slow economic growth but figures out how to win with unemployment back on the rise. It may very well be impossible to win under those circumstances, but the current frame of "forward versus backward" is on the verge of obsolescence. It's time to contemplate the abyss and emerge with a message that tells the truth boldly and consistently — as the president himself sees it — about what he will do to turn the economy around and put our country's finances in order."

I think Carter sums it very well. Problem is not just today's rotten employment number, but needlessly defused campaign strategy adopted by Obama. All that Clinton bravado, seems quite misplaced at this point. With Greece exist from Euro and Spain driven economic shock, things are getting worse every passing day in Europe and it would take its own sweet time to resolve one way or the other. This means 'drag' of European Economic crisis is not going to go way till November Elections; all the more reason why Obama needs to 'level with Americans'.

With impeding Democratic Waterloo in Wisconsin in hands of Scott Walker and very likely adverse decision about ObamaCare by the Supreme Court in coming weeks; the stage is set of utter 'darkness' for Democrats. Instead of steering Democrats and America with a steely determination and leadership, we have wobbly Obama who is not sure of his own campaign, who has lost the impulse, who does not have any coherent political strategy and above all willingness to articulate consistent policy proposals which can corral Americans and for which his supporters can fight along with him.

The fundamental problem in all this is not that Obama will not get re-elected. The problem is Romney is all set to let 'loose Ryan' in Romney presidency - the policies GOP is advocating are 'worse' than what is happening now; more tax cuts for rich and reduction of help to poor (entitlement cuts are necessary but GOP way is not an intelligent way there). Voters will simply react as like 'throw the bums out' without realizing that newcomers will be taking us on a more desperate path. To believe otherwise is totally discount Romney and GOP campaign currently underway and I am not sure how smart that is

Why blame Greeks? Even American voters are unlikely to be any wiser. We know that our President is simply politically 'incompetent' to take us through these crisis times; but our other choice does not look any promising and voters will ignore that unfortunately while throwing out Obama.

Update - Joe Nocera is hitting the nail on Obama Administration coffin in another way. Why would Romney not argue that GOP has been 'way tougher' on Crime than Obama and he will have business friendly environment without being a hostage to Capitalists? That is what, for sure, George Bush Administration achieved in the hindsight. Really Obama Administration is losing the altitude fast. 

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