Saturday, June 23, 2012

Xabi Alonso

Move over Beckham, here is another star. (Of course Beckham went out long back!). This was Xabi Alonso's match - 100th apperance for Spanish Team and to finish that with 2 goals! Way to go Xabi; all the swagger fully delivered.

While Europe is ravaged by recession, European Cup is providing some relief and joy. Spanish Team still looks as solid as like defending Champions. But I believe Germans are the most potent team at this point with full mojo to destabilize Spain or any other European Team. So remaining 4 matches (one quarter final to decide between England & Italy)  are all going to be absorbing. 

Watching these young European Football players, it is disheartening to know European Politicians however are not able to show any of that kind of dynamism. Two years have passed and Europe is still not near to a permanent resolution of the crisis. One just wishes, for example, Spanish PM was as competent as Xabi and many other players from Spanish Football Team in what they do. 

Well, we are unlikely to be so lucky and the crisis will continue. It was Europe which gave us the gift of two world wars in 20th century after centuries of colonialism. Here it is once again forcing upon us unending recession with no choice. What is new in Europe - perennially unable to get its act together? So long as its Footballers are able to get their acts together and produce one after the other quality games; no wonder European Public prefers to get absorbed in that and rest of the world enjoys too while the championship lasts.

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