Saturday, July 07, 2012

Be Bold

"We suggest a short-term stimulus package, such as a temporary tax rebate or expansion of the payroll tax cut, and a clear articulation of the coming $600 billion in spending cuts and tax increases he’s willing to accept. Obama could also make another stab at negotiating with Congress over a long-term deficit reduction plan, such as that proposed by the Simpson-Bowles fiscal commission, to show the U.S. is serious about resolving its bloated budget deficit

None of this will be easy, and a heated campaign season only makes it tougher. But policy makers must put Americans ahead of personal and political-party ambitions -- yes, even in an election year."

Clearly, any such proposition would not make any head way, but as Rouch argued the point is Americans clearly know what would a Democratic nominee, the sitting President would do, to halt the miserable trend of mediocre employment. 

That is why all of this down playing by Ezra Klein is really counter productive and if Obama Campaign follows this prescription of not being proactive in 'staking out a policy position', it would have been a one term  presidency without a fight. That will be the real shame and complete bankruptcy of Obama Brand and what 'honesty and morality' it projected at the start.  Without this clear cut 'policy fight', those who voted him in 2008 will be fully betrayed .

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