Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not Quite So

Andrew Sullivan thinks Barack Obama made a blunder when he slipped into a Warren style 'condescension' and effectively chastised entrepreneurial drive. He has a point that an incumbent president seeking reelection simply cannot afford to be so careless in what he utters and keeps making these mistakes again and again.

However, equating that with Romney's refusal to disclose his 'tax returns and foreign accounts' is simply wrong. In Romney's case there are two clear, hard facts:
- he has refused basic transparency as expected from contemporary presidential candidate; and
- by the same token until he discloses all that information, doubts about Romney having done 'something wrong, illegal and effective white collar tax cheat' are not going away.

Compared to that, Obama's mistakes are:
- being not careful in what and how he talks; and
- being insensitive to what it takes to run a 'business'. I can say so confidently because I had founded and ran a business for more than 5 years in my past life. One thing I know for sure entrepreneurs need is - encouragement. Obama is missing that point - give him as much shellacking as you can for that.

But just don't equate that with Romney's contempt of Americans - that Americans have no business to know how much 'tax compliance and chicanery' he had in past. That just does not square.

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