Saturday, July 28, 2012

Opening Ceremony

I watched the delayed broadcast of 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony on NBC, that customer unfriendly behemoth

I was moderately impressed by the ceremony and its execution. At times I found it weird, like so much emphasis on NHS. Also I expected even fuller and cleaner treatment of 'ultra-rich' legacy of British Music. Found that bit missing.

It may be cliche to praise so called 'openness and democratic ways' of the ceremony compared to Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony; but overall I still have good memories of that great Beijing show. I think with London Olympics, the important thing is Britishers pulled off the ceremony decently and they will very well execute all these games excellently. That in itself will be an achievement to be proud off for Britishers. (Except that their opening loss in Cycling Road Race hurts...very disappointing to see that British Cyclist could not repeat their success. But then they will roar back in many other remaining Cycling events.)

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