Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Andrew not so fast...

Andrew Sullivan is setting up the context by which he wants the ex-president Bill Clinton to pull over White American votes to Obama Ticket.

It still rings in my ears how savagely Andrew Sullivan attacked Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and their Dem establishment backers like then DNC chief Terry McAuliffe, LA Mayor Antony Vilasorogas, PA Governor Ed Rendall as 'entitlement types' in the 2008 Democratic Primary. I campaigned for Obama in 2008, in the losing primary of CA, against Hillary, and I did share to some extent what Andrew fought so hard then - Hillary and Bill's sense of 'entitlement within the Democratic Party'. However, for sure I did not share Andrew's over the top opposition of Clinton Clan then nor his venom against Clintons in 'service of Obama'. So, for the same Andrew Sullivan today to come out and to demand 'delivery of Party Service' from Bill Clinton is odd.

Bill Clinton  had his faults and just few weeks back few of his utterances did not help Obama. But still, whatever Bill Clinton achieved (and missed) in his two term presidency is his legacy. In other words, I doubt Bill Clinton needs to prove here anything or deliver here anything. At the end of the day, it is Obama's battle to fight and his supporters should join that battle as disciplined soldiers in service of Obama. They no need any exhortation from Bill Clinton nor helpless dependency on any ex-presidents. Of course, any help from anyone is welcomed by Obama Supporters; but eventually Presidency ought to be earned on the merits of the candidate, what policies that candidate advocates and what understanding Public at Large of this candidate has. 

Anyways, the part I liked most was how by design or unintentionally Hillary is staying away from DNC convention. What I read in that is 'life for Democratic Party' beyond Obama; it is the 'proof of insurance' for Democrats.

Make no mistake, I still think it is right for America to choose Obama over Romney even though Obama has left out few crucial things (which Bill Clinton was so smart at - to nip in the bud the notion of Government sponsoring any 'free riders' and being mindful of our debt; the issues where Barack Obama has simply calculated cynically that it is advantageous to keep mum). Agreed, need of the hour is indeed rally behind Obama.

But as Ted Kennedy would have said, in the end no Presidency can be greater than the 'cause'; even Obama's Second Term. By having our 'some powder dry' in the brand of Hillary; we Democrats leave 'some space and some ammunition' spared; in case we are to face Romney-Ryan Presidency.

Coming back to Andrew's sermon to Bill Clinton - I just don't think Romney GOP has elevated the 'race card' to any unprecedented level. Besides, if they do so; watch for White Votes from places like Wisconsin. That 'open minded White American Vote' will simply not tolerate such a naked racism and Barack Obama  may see many of his Indie minded White Voters coming back to the fold. I believe Romney Camp is smart enough to understand the danger of going over top on 'race card'. Given all this, Democrats need to avoid the danger of  'crossing the line while rightly objecting GOP for their race based insinuations'. (Why not leave the dirty work of fighting Racism to loyal solider VP Joe Biden? He will do that - without bringing overt criticism to Obama while Democrat Party will achieve the goal of 'alerting colored vote base' of Obama. Biden has shown much larger sense of 'party service', he has stakes in that and he will do that job effectively.)

Let us not forget what this election is about - it is about 'at times deeply inadequate but essentially unfinished job on the right road' Presidency of Obama compared to 'inherently contradictory, narrow minded, morally repugnant' Presidency advocated by Romney and Ryan. That contrast is enough prominent that average American should get it in the end so long as Obama Campaign continues to expose those  contradictions diligently and relentlessly.

In the end, we should not loose faith in average Americans and focus on providing them with all right information. Yes, 'high road' should still work; even in 2012.

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