Friday, August 24, 2012

Cardinal Dolan endorses Ryan

"Ryan, an enthusiast of Ayn Rand, wants to drastically gut Medicaid and Medicare, deny 30 million people impending access to health insurance and Dolan interprets this as his "obvious solicitude for the poor." He praises a man who voted for an unfunded Medicare D entitlement, two disastrously expensive wars, and now pledges to balance the budget only over three decades is a model of accountability and restraint and a balanced budget! Dolan argues that slashing funds for the poor while slashing taxes for the rich is simply a "prudential judgment" with respect to how to help the poor. I don't think that preventing the old from getting home care is about helping them. More to the point: "I'm anxious to see him in action" is not a neutral statement. It's an endorsement."

I think this is highly symbolic and an equally partisan act from this most powerful American Catholic Priest.  (Catholic Church in USA is a sprawling enterprise worth around $170 Billions in revenue per year!)

In light of Catholic Clergy Sex abuse scandal and rigid leadership of Pope Benedict; Catholic flock in USA is wandering to other churches. In that sense Cardinal Dolan is not omnipresent. (Cardinal Mahony from LA is there to share the lime light, possibly on the other side of the political spectrum.)  But still, for Dolan to come out so publicly is substantive meddling by Religion in American Politics. Romney would not have got any better setting than this, given his non-Catholic Mormon religion. 

Of course, in the end; this all should not matter. Americans should vote based on 'who will bring the beacon and who will protect them' in coming years. Barack Obama has to put forward his compelling case regardless of which Cardinal is on his side. So far, Obama Campaign is keeping that line and that is good. 

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