Friday, August 31, 2012

Clint Eastwood

You know, Clint, we love you - Red or Blue. No questions about that. And your RNC speech, sure, no problems for Democrats. You made honest efforts to entertain us, we got entertained and as usual we "Thank You" for that and we move on.

Of course, we Americans know Hollywood Talk - when to take it seriously and when not to. So it is all right if you made few statements which would not stand any further scrutiny. But we do not get held up on Hollywood Talk.

You know Clint, when all of your 'entertainment' business is done; these same politicians which you derided will have to come there to collect broken pieces and make sense of our 'collective life' from whatever lemons we have got. That is what Barack Obama tried over four years. So when all of Hollywood, all of entertainment is gone; we Americans will like to conduct some serious business. And at that time you and your 'chair' can please leave the stage.

Thank you and we still love you great!

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