Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hypocrisy or Incompetence?

Agreed that I may not want to quote Jennifer Rubin based on Prof. Drezner's advice (Note to Niall:  it's never a good idea to use a Jennifer Rubin talking point), but very likely she is the one very representative of Republican 'head in the sand' mentality - now that dangers of Tea Party shenanigans of last year are becoming more clear; she wants to blame Obama for that!

Of course it is hypocrisy of Republicans here, but I wonder whether 'incompetence' of Obama Campaign is in play in not highlighting what is happening here:

"... it’s the amazing spectacle of Republicans suddenly deciding to blame Obama for the potential consequences of austerity."

-- Jonathan Bernstein, Washington Post

The job for Obama Campaign is very obvious and clear - to point out how Tea Party is responsible for bringing us here. I am not sure that they are fulfilling their duty here.

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