Wednesday, August 15, 2012

India's Independence Day

Let me admit, I tried to read through completely Dr. Singh's Independence Day Speech. But it is real hard work....

1. Not only Dr. Singh is a punishment while listening to his speeches, reading his speeches is no joy too. But that is not a problem. We in America have learnt hard way recently that great oratory and high caliber speech writing matters much less. You know where I am going - sure, talking about the guy who was supposed 'to part skies and walk on water': our very own Nobel Luaret President Barack Obama. So Dr. Singh's never rectified oratory or public communication should not raise any alarm. But I am just saying that....

2. When is India going to throw these anarchic references about Five Year top-down-plans? Where is an 'individual Indian'? I think Dr. Singh needs to register himself with American Tea Party for a Training Session. Independence Day should be an occasion to celebrate and highlight 'heroic achievements of individual Indians'. It is time for inspiration by retelling stories of so many Indians who answer to their better angels. Why should it be about some bureaucratic announcements?

3. To the extent Dr. Singh and India's political elite want to use Socialistic approaches, it should be in using this Socialistic inheritance of India to thwart excesses of Anglo-Saxon variety of Capitalism. Instead, we continue to find rote repetition of Socialism and inability to overcome well-known failures of Socialism.

4. OK, we get Dr. Singh what you are saying - that gloom in rest of the global economy is impacting Indian Economy. Who is giving shoulder to the other guy here - is it Barack to Dr. Singh or Dr. Singh consoling American President? You see, we are no different; we all have the same predicament and on top of it we both are Democracies. Question is what do you do as a leader? Dr. Singh's banker, RBI Governor, has already said that 'growth will be sacrificed' to tame the tiger of inflation. Beyond that, Dr. Singh do you have anything constructive to offer?

5. Dr. Singh has a point that absence of broader national political consensus on Economic Policy is hampering India's efforts to reduce structural impediments which would improve supplies and help contain 'inflation'. (You see, again no different than one Barack Obama; he is also coming around and rightly pointing the intransigence of Republican consensus and complete polarization - the decease well spread all over the world.) So then where are creative juices of him and Congress Party to conduct 'the politics of addition' as the late Maratha Leader Yashwantrao Chavan used to say?

6. Truth is, Dr. Singh and Congress party continue to undermine 'how across the board Corruption' impedes any progress in India. It is not the lack of political consensus of Capitalism in India which is the national security threat; but the pervasive Corruption and complete unwillingness of any established political party to show leadership to tackle that problem; that is the real national security threat to India. 

7. Enforcing basic property rights at regional and local level, to deliver 'justice' quickly and efficiently, to eliminate Corruption which makes life of individual Indians miserable and to avoid blunders like ignoring mega-corruption scandals (starting with Suresh Kalmadi in organizing Common Wealth Games; just compare that with fabulous organization of London 2012 Olympics by Britishers; what a contrast!); that is the key. Clearly we do not see Dr. Singh talking about these issues and it means unfortunately one more Independence Day passed without curing core deficiencies of Indian politics.

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