Sunday, August 12, 2012

London Olympics 2012

Excellent organization, rock solid games and fantastic feeling of joy and openness - that is what Britishers delivered here. (Romney better feel apologized for his horrible comments at the start of the game; so ill timed and horrific judgement.)

We in USA determine America's Olympic campaign success based on whether Men's Basketball Gold is delivered or not. Kobe and 'King' James did that and now we are relieved. Our Athletes can come home with honor. (Women's Basketball Team - it always wins Gold, wake us up when there are any surprises.)

Overall Team USA had great impression on this Olympic. Participating in 21 or so different events at competitive level apart from their 'sterling' medal tally (though total at 104 is less than 110 in Beijing), what impresses with Americans is across the board performance both in individual events and various team sports. Of course it is USA Women Athletes and their Teams which is the real medal engine for such a top notch execution. Performance of Men's team in Track and Field is not as bad as like Beijing but still American Men have not got back their 'mojo' in Track and Field. Jamaicans continue to steal American lunch here. For sure, Track and Field is the event where medal distribution is most defused and Men's program is especially ultra-competitive. Still in coming Olympics unless American Men performance improves; it will be harder to repeat this solid London medal count. (Total 23 medals for Americans in Track and Field in Beijing which they improved to 29 in London where the goal was 30.)

Outside of USA, it is great to see Russian Athletes roaring back. Yesterday in one single day Russia won 16 medals (6 Gold, 4 Silver and 6 Bronze). Russian contingent was in whiskers distance in catching up with the Chinese Medal Machine. As far as China - I believe they have held well following home turf advantage of Beijing. Weak link is excessive concentrate on few events like Badminton and Table Tennis where they had complete domination and major medal haul.

Britain was expected to do well following their already 'raving' performance in Beijing. But no one would have imagined such a great Olympic for the host; Britishers themselves did not expect so. No wonder, all the suspicion and awkwardness exhibited by Britishers at the start of the games (and I would venture to say which reflected in equally awkward Opening ceremony) is gone by the end of games and there is exuberance in the air. Britishers are enjoying the 'life' in the afterglow of these games. IOC and the world over people will be happy to share this feeling of Britain in addition to being so gracious and disciplined host. Athletes across the world would readily thank Britain for that and we all will have great memories of these games.

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