Monday, August 06, 2012

Mr. Unwilling

What Ross Douthat says - that Obama campaign is nothing but negativity - is hard to agree with. Granted that one fundamental lacuna in Obama's re-election bid is his unwillingness to articulate proper framework for 'what cuts in entitlements' he is ready to accept while pairing with 'increasing taxes on rich' so as Federal Deficit is set on a sustainable path. Being an incumbent and having presided for about fours years; Federal Deficit is 'his problem' and it is necessary for President Obama to have policies laid out in this regard. Increasing taxes on rich is an only one facet of Federal Deficit and absence of 'straight talk' of entitlement reduction simply makes his reelection case weak.

But from there to jump Obama Campaign as Campaign of Mr. Negative is an Olympian jump too far. While we all deride Mr. Obama for right reasons of not spelling out 'entitlement cuts'; Obama would keep pointing to what Republicans did last year. Fact of the matter is while everyone talks about 'entitlement cuts'; it is President Obama who risked his political capital in going for a deal with Republicans and paid all the necessary political price. Where were these commentators who call Mr. Obama as Mr. Negative then?

GOP willingly torpedoed future of Americans and well being of American Economy to score singular, shameless and essentially anti-American point of 'opposing Obama' in not accepting any compromise to reduce deficit. So called Mr. Negative offered then concrete entitlement cuts and lowered his tax increase position all the way; but no avail.

In the end the job of a true politician is to point out hurdles in solving our problems. Today, nonsensical and nihilistic approach of GOP - protecting rich at all costs - is the core hurdle in America's solution for her problems. GOP solution of 'trickle down economics' is proven as failed and is completely meaningless when empirical standards are applied. That is what Obama has to expose. If that earns Mr. Negative epithet from one of the reasonable analysts; then so be the case. It is that journalist - Ross Douthat - who in this case is Mr. Unwilling for Truth.

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