Thursday, August 16, 2012

What is wrong with South Africa?

Many years back when I watched Ben Kingsley's award winning Gandhi movie, it had some striking scenes of how M.K. Gandhi started his political life by organizing coal mine workers for their rights.

Where are today's M. K. Gandhi in South Africa?

Reading this devastating news - of killing 18 mine workers on strike - all those images flashed back to my mind. Come on, don't tell us few extra Rand to those workers would have been more expensive than those human lives...

Something is terribly wrong in otherwise relatively OK state of South Africa. Transition of that country to First World has been fraught with many interruptions. Deep divisions in that society still persist, which is so sad considering how much of steep price the nation of South Africa has paid so far to reach where they are today.

South Africa is in a way a special country considering the history of their racial conflict as well as it being the manifestation of full potential of African Continent. What this incidence shows is, it is still a long way in the journey which that great old man - M. K. Gandhi - started way back in the last century. This is so sad and depressing to our collective 'human spirit'. 

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