Monday, August 20, 2012

Wow! Brooks Joins Niall Ferguson

" see that President Obama deserves some credit for taking on entitlement spending. He had the courage to chop roughly $700 billion out of Medicare reimbursements. He had the courage to put some Medicare eligibility reforms on the table in his negotiations with Republicans. He created that (highly circumscribed) board of technocrats who might wring some efficiencies out of the system.

Still, you wouldn’t call Obama a passionate reformer.
When you look at Mitt Romney through this prism, you see surprising passion. 
The priority in this election is to get a leader who can get Medicare costs under control. Then we can argue about everything else. Right now, Romney’s more likely to do this."
-- David Brooks, NYT
What kind of 'crank' this Brooks is? He sees Romney bringing Medicare costs while universally it is acknowledged that foolish policy of Romney to rescind Obama cuts of over $700 Billions from Medicare Provider side (not on recipients and the cuts which Ryan budget keeps in any case) will actually burst the dam and will do both things - bring bursting of Medicare Fund early and dramatically increase the deficit further.
It seems that Brooks does not even bother to read what NYT Editorials write. I can understand professional envy might be forbidding him reading and understanding Paul Krugman, but reading editorials of the newspaper which pays Brooks to publish these rubbish columns; that is just basic decency. (I wonder how come even his columns are allowed on NYT? Can't they find any honest Conservative columnists other than Ross Douthat?)
By now Andrew Sullivan, James Fallows and many others have done the dressing down of one 'phony intellectual' called Niall Ferguson. With this totally misguided and false column, David Brooks has promptly joined Ferguson's rank. Somehow the day after the 'Rep. Todd Akin's extremism was all on display, it seems fitting that Brooks readily shows the same dumbness.

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