Friday, September 28, 2012

Apple Maps

Apple CEO did the right thing by apologizing its customers for the Maps App snafu. 

It is understandable why Apple wanted to go away from Google Maps as both companies vie for the same market in this digital economy. As rivalry between Apple and Google heats up, it will be interesting who would bring great innovations to Maps and map related apps. Google definitely has an advantage, not just being an early entrant, but due to their software engineering prowess and culture of mathematically inclined software development. Just look at what Google has done in the Spanner Project. Now, that is some real contribution to humanity... Of course Apple with their piles of Billions and many brilliant engineers can deliver too. As Tech world slowly comes out of RDBMS thrall (which benefited Oracle most), all other types of data organization technologies and linking with geographical information are becoming more wide spread and critical for business. With California joining Nevada and Florida in approving 'robot cars'; who knows we may be on the verge of another tech revolution where one of the dominant ways of dealing with data will be in the geographical or map context. Google is spear heading these efforts and Apple wants to do the catch-up. 

This healthy competition among Tech giants to deliver 'real, concrete, now and here' change in human life is at times far better than litigious and always contentious 'change' these politicians promise. We know our recovery from 'economic slump' is complete when these 'contentious political debates' make room for news about challenging and creative competition among companies to create new markets and new technologies. Unfortunately we are not there yet.

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