Saturday, September 22, 2012


It is the nature of capitalism that big companies become defensive, while newer rivals emerge with better, smarter ideas.
“Oh my god,” read one Twitter message I saw. “Apple maps is the worst ever. It is like using MapQuest on a BlackBerry.”
MapQuest and BlackBerry.
-- Has Apple Peaked? by Joe Nocera in NYT.

Living in Cupertino, to like and to agree with Joe Nocera is pure 'blasphemy' for an engineer. But it is not just Nocera, Steven Pearlstein argued on similar lines in Washington Post few days back too. So regular journalists are noticing the pattern as well.

I am sure multimillionaire, possibly billionaire, engineers and executives at Apple would laugh out all this talk. They must be thinking, 'they have seen such criticism earlier too just to come back again'. Sure that is possible once again. But I think that unless Capitalism of Big Tech Companies evolves to a format where 'nimble start-ups are grown within'; Apple or Microsoft or other big tech companies will not be able to defy the gravity. Cisco has been trying this model of 'in-house start-up' and I suppose Google emulates it in some manner too. But we have not seen maturation of such 'business practices' to deliver results (to defy the Nocera Law of Big Tech Companies). Clearly, that is the area Apple would need to do more innovation. 

Meanwhile an apology from Tim Cook for this map software failure - that could be a good, humble gesture.

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