Sunday, September 09, 2012

Could he argue like that?

Despite Obama missing the crucial opportunity of exposing how GOP contributed to America's slowdown and universally negative reception of Obama's speech (Peggy NoonanRoss DouthatMoureen DowdRomesh Ponnuru and many others); 'convention bounce' is helping Obama to have some cushion here. So as this election develops with possibly a thin Obama lead, we have started to see following arguments from Conservatives:

The latter development is a clear signal that Democrats might be winning the argument of more tax revenues from wealthy. It will be just a matter of time when Obama Campaign or pro-Obama PAC simply justapose this statement of Romney with his earlier statement during primary saying that how he was opposed for any kind of tax increases on anyone. That will enforce one more time his 'flip-flopping' policy approach.

Ramesh Ponnuru line of argument is more fatalistic type and desperate round about. That is where Obama really needs to expose GOP politics of undermining America's recovery for petty political advantages. The answer to Ponnuru line is very simple which both Clinton and Obama offered in their convention speeches - Romney-Ryan are simply bend upon further exploding out deficit by giving more tax cuts. How is that less reckless? Just because Tea Party Members refuse to understand this reality does not mean Americans give up putting the right policy on table.

At some point, yes America will leave behind such an adamant Tea Party too. That has happened in past and it will happen in future too - political irrelevance for a party which refuses to listen to real needs of people and real, practical solutions for their problems.

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