Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Peggy Noonan - A typical conservative to provoke Romney that he should think 'whath fury has he brought to GOP'. As usual, total silence on 'policy contradictions of GOP', complete reluctance of GOP to help poor, middle class and minority to deal with tough life or no acknowledgement of how GOP actively pushed Hispanic voters from its ranks. Her solution, all these problems will go away if some Bill Clinton equivalent of GOP stays with Romney all the time! Go figure.

WaPo Editorial - Still some attempt to frame the issue as 'on one hand you have GOP saying like this while on the other hand Democrats are saying...'. Why do Dems need to come into this picture at all? We Dems are perfectly capable of our own flame outs. Criticize Democrats when Dems say wrong, don't rush to false equivalence (just because you might have been tired of writing all these scathingly Romney critical editorials).

Ross Douthat - He has gone even further than WaPo Editorial in needlessly comparing how Democratic Rich think like GOP Rich folks. Polarization in America is caused by the 'echo chambers of Rush Limbough, Fox News and Huffington Post'. Rich of both parties - they are busy in earning their millions while donating few to political parties in between. He is simply lost in an argumentation which is much less directly related to what Romney said.

David Brooks - That is where Ross Douthat should look. David Brooks wrote one of his better columns, especially the initial part where he nailed the exact way any Conservative, any American who is worried about our debt load; could talk sensibly about the scale and dangers of ever increasing Government Entitlement Expenses.

Bloomberg Editorial - But best and absolutely right argument is put forward by this editorial:

"Race, class, sex, region and ideology are all genuine dividing lines in American experience. Those divisions will be exacerbated from time to time, with elections in particular providing ample invitations to friction. But Americans are more than the sum of our prejudices and demographics. We hold high ideals and hard history in common.

The task before both Romney and his opponent, President Barack Obama, and the rest of us, too, is to assert our common bonds and aspirations with greater frequency and conviction in the weeks before November. A progressive tax code, in which all contribute to the general welfare relative to their means, is a hallmark of a decent society. Few Americans wish to dismantle it. Likewise, the nation’s social compact might be frayed, but this is no civil war here; we don’t need another Lincoln. A little respect and decency should suffice."

Now that is some sane reaction, hopefully with which more Americans would reconcile. 

Prof. Daniel Drezner - He simply exposes the epic inaptitude and carelessness of Romney's Foreign Policy in this 'take down'. Surprisingly, this part of the same speech is not as widely distributed as the first part; hence this blog post is an important part of this conversation.

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