Thursday, September 06, 2012

Start of the Final Stretch

So did Obama make his case in the DNC speech? Not fully. What is missing then? I still miss answers to few questions like - why ObamaCare was started while recovery was incomplete and what forces are truly changing America and making her recovery much harder than normally is. Context of ObamaCare is crucial because it keeps coming in voters' minds as the prime example where Obama and Democrats might have gone ahead of 'need of the hour' under the influence of certain ideological inclination. 

I guess since Obama distinctly downplayed expectations about his next four years in this speech and nearly succeeded in projecting 'President firmly rooted in reality'; some of these concerns should be addressed indirectly. So far as what is holding off America and what distinct paths America needs to adopt; there was less explicit articulation from Obama and Democrats apart from usual policy prescriptions. In that sense, the speech was all safe and standard (or for few others completely anti-climatic).

Of course the real job of demonstrating emptiness of Republican solutions, and more importantly demolishing  Republican criticism of Democratic Policies; was done by Bill Clinton yesterday. (As conventions of both parties are done, one can safely say Clinton speech towers them all.) On that background and continued glow of Michelle Obama's speech on the first night; it was harder for Obama to follow on. However, he made the sufficient case of a 'grounded politician open to listen voices of reason' in contrast to 'ideological stubbornness of Republicans'. Obama might not have closed the deal with voters, but what is so clear in last two weeks is Republicans are running on an 'empty tank'. With that we are in the final stretch of this election cycle.

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