Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Irresponsible Argument

NYT columnist David Brooks is a sample here, but lot of Centrist and Conservatives are arguing that Americans should vote Romney because he is more likely to secure a deal from Congress for the impeding fiscal cliff.

Such an argument is irresponsible because it completely ignores the fact Obama failed to secure a deal with Congress because Republicans in Congress ensured that defeating Obama Politically is far more important than solving problems of America by securing any bi-partisan deal.

It is irresponsible because it completely ignores what Republicans are offering in the first place - tax cuts at any cost, tax cuts in face of mounting evidence of those cuts hardly correlating with Economic Growth.

What it means is, "pulling the other guy down at any cost" is a fully acceptable practice in American Politics and on top of it it is a favored one because like 'lame' people accept that co-operating with these intransigent element is what our politics is all about. Whichever way one cuts it, that is not healthy for American Politics.

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