Friday, October 12, 2012

Romney Claims his Position

Look at this 'red ink' all over latest poll results. If at all, Nat Silver prediction is still lagging and underestimating Romney strength here.

I would say at this point this presidential election is really 50-50% despite bookies and poll predictions saying 60-40% in favor of Obama. President Obama should look at 'what he has done'!

I know, I know; just as the underdog Romney could turn on, the same can happen for Obama too. Except that he is running out of time even faster. Seems like Obama Campaign has settled on 'ground game', 'turning the base on' and debates only. I do not see Ad blast yet, nor any forceful articulations. 

They say Obama likes 'challenge'. Here he has, all of his own making; no one to dilute his equity in this colossal failure. The only thing going in his favor is Economy, but President Obama has not bothered to make much a case of that lately. We will see if the debate next week would change any dynamics here including a  decisive move in favor of Romney. 

Things with monumental consequences are unfolding with remarkable quiet on Media front. 

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