Saturday, October 06, 2012

Significant Development

Britain finally extradited Islamic cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri to USA, the one who incited British Muslims to kill Jews and non-believers and the one who praised 9/11 attacks. This is a laudable development. 

Apparently British Queen was not happy to have Masri on UK lands after all the trouble he created over years. One can understand how ideological orientations of a Conservative Government would align with being scrupulous in these sensitive matters.  Also evident is the overall eagerness of UK and EU 'in washing their hands' of this trouble rather than undertake full prosecution on their own lands. But this is all good, America has to bring justice to those who so brazenly celebrate terrorist attacks on USA and those who spew 'all this hate of West' from prominent positions (London Mosque). 

(I guess it may not be a surprise if very soon UK also decides to get rid of another trouble maker  Julian Assange and sends him to USA for his trial.)

So, then are we likely to see repeat of Benghazi attacks as news of Masri prosecution spreads in Egypt and other volatile places? That is possible, but all that means as usual USA got to be more vigilant. 

We have seen many capable democracies (for example UK, India) of the world becoming wobbly at times when it comes to face Islamic Extremism squarely  simply because of religion based electoral politics. Given that, it is appropriate that USA faces this menace diligently, head on and asserts its leadership emphatically.

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