Monday, November 19, 2012

Balasaheb Thackeray

Among many articles apprising tragic and dictatorial political career of Marathi Strongman Balasaheb Thackeray; I found this one from Bloomberg as quite lucid, comprehensive and succinct. 

It is critically important that more than 70 Million Marathi speaking folks in this world understand 'what garbage Balasaheb Thackery was' and how important it is for us to know how contemptuously he treated so many folks at large. 

The strongest defense of Balasaheb comes down to his contributions to retain Mumbai in Maharashtra and somehow retaining Marathi People in Mumbai. There are two questions here:
- Was that the only way available - his way of 'riot politics' to retain Marathipana of Mumbai?
- And finally, was that all worth? Can we do the balance sheet of positives of retaining Marathipana of Mumbai at such a huge human cost and negatives it brought to larger Marathi Manus? 

The real tragedy is Indian National Congress which had towering personalities like Indira Gandhi who did not mind taking on notorious Bhindrenwala which cost her own life (though she was the one who cultivated politics of Panjab in that wrong direction); did not have any leader to take on shenanigans of Balasaheb Thackeray. Granted, during Indira era, his 'goondagiri' (hooliganism) had not flourished so much and in a way Thackerary was biding his time while toeing the line of Indira indirectly. But subsequently, every Congress Chief Minister of Maharashtra was simply in terror of Balasaheb's power to create mayhem in Mumbai. 

When Balasaheb saw power in sight in Mumbai, alas RSS and BJP found 'brother in faith' with Hindu Nationalism / Chauvinism of Shiv Sena and they all joined hands with Balasaheb in 'looting' Marathi Manus via their extraordinarily corrupt ways. Heck, at times India's conscience keeper Communist also fell in love with Socialistic slogans of Shiva Sena and ignored all the bloodshed cause by Balasaheb or his corruption. 

Politics of Fear as practiced by Balasaheb throughout most of his career and inability of Indian State to bring him or his style of politics to justice; all that have come to an end with his death. And that is the good news here.

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