Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Four Star Generals

"The number of e-mails between the two is an astounding number of e-mails"

Question is why would a four star general spend so much high quality / top priority time on one socialite back home?

The rivalry between CIA and Army can be very easily understood. It is CIA which calls the shots when it comes to 'drone war' in Pakistan but the burnt of which is sustained by Army in Afghanistan. Hence, Army has a natural interest in knowing what CIA is planning. 

It is hard to believe that a four start general would not be knowing 'value' of his time and still engages in any such frivolous activities for so long without a purpose. There could be a legitimate motive and that can be trying to get a head start in 'sourcing information about the CIA head'. Gen. Allen's liaison in Tampa could be spying on Gen. Petraeus which might have been 'sensed so rightly' by Gen. Petraeus's mistress. Hence her effective threats to Gen. Allen's liaison.

Of course, this is all gossip and theory only. What all that it shows is it is quite possible that this whole drama can potentially get more ugly before we hit the bottom. Meanwhile, security concerns of America - needless to say those are deprived of attention at the highest levels.

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