Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lost Cause of Susan Rice

What better than an icon of Feminism taking down another ambitious woman who is defended none other than the newly elected President? Rarely you have such a ripe news to chew.

We have Robert Kagan, not a small name on Right side, coming to defend Susan Rice. Prof. Drezner too. Sure, there are merits in those defenses of Rice. But when you have Dana Milbank and Maureen Dowd, raising enough doubts; it is clear that President Obama is wasting is his newly renewed political capital in the lost cause of defending Susan Rice so vehemently. Does that mean President Obama throw Susan Rice under the bus? Essentially yes, there is no sugar coating here. That is why Politics is so brutal. 

Look, whether it is David Petraeus or Susan Rice; these are big boys and big girls of Washington DC. They do not need President to tell what is right or to set the right 'bar'. Folks occupying these positions are absolutely expected to make their own 'calls' in terms what to do or to know what information could be potentially compromised information. It was the job of Susan Rice 'to be circumspect' while iterating piece of information she was forwarded to. As Dowd explains, most likely Susan Rice was beholden to her own dreams of following Hillary's footsteps that she did not apply her 'own mind' scrupulously to what was she saying on talk shows. Sorry, you live by the sword, you fall by the sword.

What we want is President Obama not to waste his political capital on this lost cause. There is no heroism to stand by your embattled cabinet member when your job is to stand for American People. Interests of American People are served best when there is 'No Drama Obama'. That means for Obama to move on in this regard.

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