Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shameless Politics of Jesse Jackson Jr.

For many American politicians, national holiday of Thanksgiving is an occasion 'to launder shameless and dirty political news' since Media and Public are tuned out. That is what this news of resignation of Jesse Jackson Jr. from an Illinois House seat is.

Things did not deteriorate in a last week or so for Jesse Jackson Jr. He was ill, incapable of serving People of his district even before the election; many months before the election. But the hubris did not stop him to seek re-election knowing fully well that investigations of campaign finance irregularities were very likely to implicate him. In that sense, he is a brother of another disgraced Democratic Politician - John Edwards.

But what is disgusting is this 'attitude of entitlement' and willingness to take voters on ride. His State and his seat are 'deep blue' constituency. There was no danger of losing it to GOP if another worthy Democrat was nominated at the last minute. House election results were not expected to be cliff-hanger that every seat would matter (and it did not). So what was the propriety in allowing Jesse Jackson Jr. to contest the election? So many of these minority politicians, and in particular Black Politicians, with a lock on their voters; abuse their constituents and this is a prime example. The whole idea of post-racial politics of Barack Obama is to avoid such corrupt politics of patronage or identity politics. But Democrats failed here.

Despite being the highest elected political leader of Democratic Party, Barack Obama has tendency to stay away from Party affairs and this is a prime example where he stayed 'way too much away' from the Party. He owes to Democratic Party that he does not hesitate in criticizing wrong tendencies of Democrats and the Party avoids such foolish ways (otherwise there is no point criticizing GOP that her politicians do not condemn wrong turns taken by Republicans). Same goes to Nancy Pelosi and many other Democratic Leaders - none had decency and smartness to call the 'bluff' of Jesse Jackson Jr. and prevent him to contest the election in the first place when it was plain as like 'sun light' that he would not be able to serve his voters.

What a shame this whole affair of Jesse Jackson Jr. is. We need to 'rinse free' Democratic Party of such 'feudal leaders' of Third World Type.

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