Saturday, November 10, 2012

Slap to American Khap Panchayat

"Meantime, the party’s platitudinous attitude towards immigrants and minorities couldn't be covered up by drafting Christian converts Bobby Jindals and Nikki Haleys; not when the Democratic Party boldly embraced a Hawaiian congressional candidate who described herself as Hindu-American and an openly lesbian senatorial contestant .
In Jesusland, Akin-Mourdock territory, it was a resounding slap to the American Khap Panchayat. Middle America is still strapped by the Bible Belt. "

[Hawaiian Congressional Candidate is Democratic Tulsi Gabbard who won and openly lesbian Senate candidate is Democratic Tammy Baldwin, another winner, from Wisconsine for the Senate]

Generally Rajghatta of TOI is behind the curve, probably always constrained by decorum of reporting from a foreign capital for a news organization back home. In this article, though he is not bringing any new insights, he is right on spot to describe stupidity of Talibans of GOP in stark terms, terms in which folks in India, folks outside of USA can understand colossal callousness of American Religious Right of types Akin and Mourdock (Bachmann, Allen West included).

Also slowly American Media is coming to it's duty in pointing out the Christian Identity Politics of Right. Large number of Indian immigrants to this country are not enthusiastic to a proposition that you got to be 'converted to Christianity'  to participate in the public life of this country. Fortunately win of Tulsi Gabbard indicates that no such Christian Identification is necessary. Granted, I do not want to go to a territory where a strong reaction to American Right Christian Identity Politics is mainly coming from RSS / Gujarat Supremo  Narendra Modi sympathetic world view of Hindu Nationalism. But nevertheless, we want American Politics free of any 'religious litmus tests'. Fortunately, Obama, Democrats and American Media conducted themselves very well when Mitt Romney's Mormonism was not an issue in the general election; primaries being dirty, internal matters of GOP. That is how it should be and that is the great heritage (not so exemplary at times) of American Democracy. 

However, except for making Romney's religious background a non-issue, Republican Party very actively cultivates Christian Identity Politics. As we know from Indian Politics in recent times - BJP courting Hindu Nationalism and Congress being sympathetic to Islamic Fanaticism; it is never a good idea for a modern multi-cultured diverse nation. Rajghatta knows this very well and that is the reason why he could write such a crisp and succinct column about how American Right is falling into an abyss. Too bad, most of America's bright political commentators would not have necessary background to savor this article nor at times they have willingness to learn more about rest of the world. (That is another of trait with American Right - just ignore rest of the world and keep thumping their chests while chanting the name of Ronald Regan.)

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