Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Why I get so much worked up?

(A friend of mine in India wondered what is it that so many of recent Indian migrants to USA get 'worked up' about American Elections compared to our friends back in India. This is what I had in response to him.)

I do believe this election was consequential. In general as they say, "elections have consequences" and they need to have. To ignore this reality is "simply being cynical" which is precisely Obama fights against as he articulated in yesterday's speech. 

To some extent Elections and Democracy are an exercise in Faith, wishful thinking, Idealism and Romanticism. There is no going about it - both on winning side and on losing side. No one can doubt the fervor of a Tea Party Patriot and true Conservative while no one can deny what an Historic achievement LGBT supporting Liberals have achieved in 2012. Very simply when these elections only become a routine, jaded and unable to discuss even few of our relevant 'here and now' issues; we would have done with the utility of Elections and Democracy. As I understand, meaning of Americanism is to keep working in retaining 'relevance' of Elections and Democracy. I am with Obama here when he characterizes that the true strength (and shine and glitter) of America is this ability of masses to engage in this political discourse; at time messy, noisy and for sure imperfect collective jamboree in this vast and diverse nation. 

There have been 'down times' for America's Elections (2000 infamously and long lines even in 2012). But when one listens 2008 John McCain and 2012 Mitt Romney concession speeches within hours of election results, one understands the 'qualitative class difference' American Politics is attempting to establish. For me, forget America's Wealth, forget America's dominance (but never forget sacrifices of her soldiers); it is this belief and constant attempt to 'engage and execute democratic routines as faithfully as possible'; that matters. And that is why I get so much worked up! Remember, I have been on losing side too. Though did not vote then, 2004 loss of John Kerry was brutal. Liberals and we Iraq War Opposing Americans failed then and had crushing disappointment to sleep on. But Liberals did not run to Canada then and rest is History!

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