Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Civil War as a Ploy?

It is hard to accept that Sen. DeMint would not have thought over before lobbing bombs on Speaker Boehner's non-proposal. On clue, dyed-in-the-wool Conservative Jennifer Rubin argues against the 'loony express in her Party' while Right leaning Politico promptly portrays how Speaker Boehner is risking everything in stretching his hand to the White House. It is so unbelievable but at the same time predictable. It is orchestrated to get a more Right leaning deal from President Obama so as he feels not to overreach.

Truth is Republican Party in House is indeed operated like a 'party of gangsters' when they scrupulously follow 'majority of majority' rule. You bring a bill to extend Bush Tax Cuts to all but the top 2% and it will be passed in the House on the strength of Democrats and few other needed Republicans. But that is not how it works in House. As American Public is generally unaware of 'filibuster abuse in Senate'; it is also unaware of persistent refusal of Speaker Boehner in bringing bills even though those bills have bipartisan majority votes. To adopt and maintain such a stranglehold despite being detrimental to Americans at large,  you would need ways to book-end your proposals both on Right and on Left and that is where this criticism from usual suspects on ultra-Right helps.

Not that all this will necessarily help Speaker Boehner to sail through in the end. Contradictions, intransigence and 'disbelief of numbers' all run so deep with Republican Party that despite all these theatricals; GOP is nowhere near to pass any tax increase on top 2%. In the end, all of that tension can be too much for the Speaker to bear and he either would let White House go over the cliff or pass  a simple bill to extend Bush Tax Cuts for Middle class with GOP caucus voting 'present' only! All such options become palatable on the background of usual ultra-Right Hounds making their familiar noises. 

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