Friday, December 28, 2012

India Awakening?

Tragic death of Delhi rape victim will further galvanize Indians to take strong action against the 'non-sense' which goes on in troubling women. Clearly 'moment of Indian women has arrived' and it is so great to see that finally Indian Public is forcing her Political Class to act. That Pakistanti girl braving Taliban to exercise her right of education and now this incident; these are promising signs.

While all this is happening, Indians continue to resist against 'corruption' too and are demanding more cleaner governance. As like how Dr. Singh's government opted for 'cash transfer payment' to reach beneficiaries directly in avoiding subsidies lost by corruption; it needs to undertake similar 'game changing reforms' to punish those who indulge in women harassment and rape. Primarily, judicial process for such cases must be swift and scrupulously conducted. 

(Compared to how Indians are awakening and demanding 'answers' from their political class, it is saddening to note that we Americans are completely numb about our own social deceases - 'love of guns' even when our children are mowed.)

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