Friday, December 14, 2012

What do I title this post?

May be it is 'we' who have to be blamed here in not having any control for this mindless violence abated by easy availability of guns. 

In opposing Iraq War I remember we could summon more than 100K people in San Francisco to protest against the war (I know since I participated then in those protests). Where are we now?

Do we go to protest and demand from our politicians that we put in some serious 'gun control' laws?

I do not have any special perch to make a case for Mexico. But it is precisely lenient laws of America in Gun Control which have been making havoc over there for decades.

Look, I get it - Republicans are beholden to 'no tax increase for Rich at any cost' whereas we Democrats are beholden to 'no, we cannot do gun control else we loose elections' (just think of how apologetic John Marshall is, otherwise bluest of a blue guy...).

What is the point of Obama's tears? Yah, I know it is great politics and I never have any doubt about his sincerity. He is the best thing to happen for us in given circumstances. 

But come on guys if Constitution is to be interpreted as 'unbridled rights to arms'; then screw our Constitution. 

Why do we Humans live after all if not our 'progeny' to prosper? If our Constitution does not understand that, then - God Damn it - change that Constitution? What is more important? Some few centuries old document or survival of our Nation as we know?

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