Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kamal Haasan Come to California!

This is a heartfelt confession by an accomplished artist Kamal Haasan that he may have to look for a secular place, possibly outside of India, if Supreme Court (and political class) does not come to senses. Yet another example of 'how misplaced intellect of Indian State Establishment is'. 

It is not the case that Kamal Haasan would not have transgraced acceptable levels of 'dos and don'ts'. (Have not seen the film so cannot comment.) But general norm in this case is:
- State to err on the side more liberal approach so that artist gets their freedom to express what they want;
- because what is transgracing by an artist today, on many occasions lays foundations for tomorrow's change.

This is especially crazy considering Kamal Haasan showed willingness to make necessary changes so that the film probably remains less provocative. 

Sad affair and yet another reminder that Indian Establishment continues to be unable to think through straight.

May be Motion Picture Academy while doling out Oscars on Feb 24, gives the call to invite Kamal Haasan to settle in California. That is will be a great addition to California's diverse film scene considering the  extraordinary repertoire of what Kamal Haasan has accomplished over years.

Update - The ban is gone, common sense has prevailed. That is great, eager to watch the movie.

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