Tuesday, February 05, 2013

India, China, Egypt and USA

Tom Friedman goes on comparing India, China and Egypt in his latest column:

"India has risen despite the state. It is a story of public failure and private success."

Now, that is some classic Conservative take on India. 

No doubt, future of these 3 countries is intricately linked to what 'governing class of those countries' decide about their youth.

What is glaring omission in Friedman's column is he does not dare to compare USA with these three countries. Probably because:

"India has nevertheless shown how its political system can respond to an urgent popular demand for change. The same could certainly not be said of China, where protests over problems including food contamination and illegal land seizures have been suppressed rather than listened to, or Russia, where the regime has set out to eliminate grass-roots citizens’ movements. As for the United States, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings occurred two days before the New Delhi rape; whether our political system will respond to the subsequent outcry remains to be seen."

That is where we Americans are. We have a lone fighter in Barack Obama, waging a hopeless battle for some sanity in 'gun control debate' while 'hiding behind second amendment for naked profits' continues without any interruption. All along our Opposition is either talking some timid changes or simply scheming to subvert our barely functioning democracy. And what about the ruling party? Oh, never mind 'we liberals hardly bother about coming calamity'.

Just because last century was of America neither does guarantee any brighter future for us in this century; nor we are ensured any brighter future than India in coming decades. I guess those may be the reasons Tom Friedman simply did not dare to compare USA with other three countries.

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