Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waiting for 2014?

Slowly mainstream American Media is picking on the 'fetish of Centralism, plague-on-both-sides'. This game has been played much longer than warranted - keep blaming both political parties for the lack of a grand bargain to reduce our deficit and control entitlement costs. Folks like Simpson-Bowles, Washington Post Editorial, etc. all conveniently forget that:
- time and again President Obama has said that he is open for 'entitlement reforms' to reach 'half-way' of our deficit reduction goals;
- but it is Paul Ryan and House GOP gang who want to 'husband' any tax loophole closing to bring revenue in future so that they can give further tax cuts to rich rather than balancing half of deficit reduction.

No matter what facts tell - that it is capital gains, dividends and consequent low taxation of the same - which have contributed more to exasperate inequality in America; all these (what Krugman calls 'very serious people') folks will keep blaming President and Democrats. 

At this rate, President Obama and Democrats would not have any option apart from waiting for 2014, go over Republicans in Congress to make the case of what is besieging this country (no surprise - obstinate GOP insisting on no more revenues) and seek House victory in 2014 while retaining Senate. As some research is saying that 'gerrymandering' is not all that hopeless to permanently lock House for Republicans; there is going to be a legitimate opportunity for Democrats to go after 2014 House victory. Fractious GOP caucus in House and issues like 'immigration, minimum wage support' are not going to be any easy for Republican Party. Add to that the revelation that in the end more Americans are with President and Democrats. Unless GOP comes to senses, Democrats may calculate that sustaining all the lobs of 'sequester and monthly fiscal crisis' may be still worthwhile. Sadly that means solutions to problems of American people have to wait for a while.

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