Friday, March 22, 2013

Democratic Dream Ticket for 2016?

Hillary Clinton for President, former Sec. of State
Antonio Villaraigosa for Vice President, soon to be former mayor of LA

Well, I have no idea if that is what going to be. Generally, things do not happen on predicted lines in this business. But look, both are unemployed or soon to be unemployed career politicians, capable ones with substantial following in a party on ascend with growing 'vote bank' of Women and Latinos. The ticket will have ferocious abilities in raising money - dude, that is what happens when two past presidents would be carrying waters for you: Bill Clinton followed by Barack Obama.

Fine, fine; this is all Friday night political gossip worth nothing. May be because our government is functioning (President is having a successful foreign trip and helping douse international tensions while Senate passing a budget without government shutdown at least for next few months); a blogger is left only with speculative topics.

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