Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hope and New Pope

As most observers have said, this represents a clear shift from Europe Centric Catholic Church to Americas driven Church where full growth of Catholicism has taken place in the last century. This selection is positive for the church as well as the quick election of the Pope. To a large extent, contemporary Papacy is driven by Global Media and to that extent quick election has not dragged people's attention beyond a limit. It brought the excitement and cliamx while the world remained attentive.

I am not sure whether the new Pope would realize or willing to exploit the Global Media 'mega phone' he has. May be he will take his own time to settle and probably advocate a quiet papacy to advance the cause of poor and down trodden. His background and his life time's work for sure point in that direction - that he will urge his clergy to help 'have-nots of this world'. That should be the real welcome possibility and the potential for a significant contribution to humanity. Such a humanitarian approach grounded in Latin American socialistic moorings would possible hide his otherwise Conservative leanings. In that sense, it seems new papacy will continue his predecessor's policy of complete anti-abortionist view and opposition to gay marriage. What is to be watched is whether such orthodoxy on social issues would deter Catholic Flock and continue the decline of Catholic Church or the possibly humble, humanitarian and non-controversial papacy helps restore the glory of the church.

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