Sunday, March 31, 2013

Immigration Reforms

Here is Ezra Klein praising advances on Immigration Reforms. He is right to mildly praise this progress though I am all guarded in this affair considering some other dissonant noises.

In any case, few thoughts came to my mind when I read:

"But bipartisanship is, unusually, a precious political resource that the minority party has exclusive control over. It is entirely in their power to make even an accommodating president look like a polarizing figure who’s unable to work constructively with the minority party. And more to the point, it’s entirely in their interest."

Question is has President Obama made 'this' clear to Americans that how actively Republicans are shunning 'split the differences' kind of options available? Sometimes he mentions that 'anything he proposes, GOP reactively rejects'. From time to time President  exhorts Republicans that 'at some point Republicans need to take away President out of the equation' in considering larger interests of the country. But the question is whether he has made a 'political argument' of hostile and nihilistic politics of GOP? It seems he has not and he has left lot on table in this regard. There could be negative ways as well as positive ways of going about these things. When President says publicly that 'immigration reform is going to benefit Republicans lot' that is about going positive in these matters.

The negative ways would be - do exactly what GOP does about Budget Deals when it keeps moving to Right anytime President Obama prescribes a middle path. So President will have to keep going to Left anytime Republicans warm up for a compromise on Immigration. Of course, like a swarm Republicans will come on President criticizing him that 'he does not want a deal on immigration and he simply wants to paint Republicans negative'. Sure, why would then President not blame Republicans exactly the same way for their budget approach (which is what the reality is)? President needs to do that.

Agreed, I might not have explored exact consequences of joining 'Immigration Reforms to Budget Wars' at the heap. Probably, beyond a point it cannot be done. But I am just saying what if....

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