Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cruz Effect

"Cruz has correctly calculated that the way to power among Senate Republicans is through attention-grabbing accusations." 

-- Dana Milbank, Washington Post 

You need proof of how destructive impact Sen. Ted Cruz is having on Republicans? Here are two examples. 

"Stop being Politically Correct!" 

-- Rep. Peter King (R-NY), Politico 

So what does Rep. King want USA to do? Deny visas to all Muslims trying to visit USA? Or ask Muslims to report to FBI every day or every week? Is he suggesting 'second class citizenship' to anyone who is not Christian in this country? Where does all this non-sense stop? 

Well, apparently Sen. Graham has nothing to do here since GOP is on 'Cruz Control' as far as inflammatory rhetoric goes. Sen. Graham claims that the Boston Terrorist was on 'Jihad Mission' as if those Tsarnaev brothers talked and divulged all these details to this Senator before starting off fires in Boston! 

There is no restrain, there is no patience and there is no sense of responsibility among these 'jump the gun' type Republican Politicians. Why can they not wait until even basic facts are established? No one is trying to defend terrorists who use Islam to justify their terrorism. But at least let those investigations progress to some reasonable degree to confirm that it is the reason in this case. 

This is the precise type of knee jerk reaction and mindlessness which were responsible to take America into the ditch of Iraq War. Have we not learnt anything from that at all? 

Obama Administration is right to be patient and careful while systematically handling the current situation. But considering the new type of McCarthyism  Sen. Ted Cruz is trying to force on America, the environment is lot more silly and politically explosive. These Republican Law Makers are having some kind of competition among themselves in scaling rhetorical heights as well as making American Politics poisonous at every opportunity. It is hard to maintain sense of balance in such a noxious environment for those who have to govern and make correct choices.  Forget about helping Administration in national times of crisis; but rather these Republicans are pouring more oil into the fire; all for senseless, cheap political 'red meat' for their bases.

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