Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is Nihilism Over?

Some time back when Republicans smelled - in particular Senate GOP leader McConnell - that the newly elected Barack Obama is not going to 'part skies and bring heaven on earth'; Nihilism became the operating philosophy of GOP. This Nihilism is nothing but an approach of Opposition Party to the Politics in a parliamentary system where the opposition party simply opposes any policy initiative of the ruling part. Since USA has 'checks and balances' power structure and American Society itself has been so rarely divided on political faulty lines; most commentators on Left dubbed this Republican approach as Nihilism. However, it is Nihilism in American System; but for parliamentary democracies, this is nothing new. 

With the shellacking of Barack Obama in 2010, GOP thought it got the winning formula in this Nihilism. But as the dust settles on results of 2012 elections; Republicans are coming to earth in realizing limits of Nihilism. Hence the renewed interests in bi-partisanship.

Simply stated, quite possibly 'scorched earth' policy against Barack Obama seems to have run the course. There is simply not much upside left in opposing Barack Obama at all cost. Public is tired of all these 'political wars' whereas Barack Obama himself is on the way to become a lame duck President in few months. That is what Rubio performance on Sunday Morning means. 

It is true that USA is still a very divided nation. But somewhere in these absolute partisan times, Senators are realizing that Internet and wealthy financed PACs are making it easy to fight for an activist in battle grounds. Just as GOP tries to revive Conservatism in Hollywood, progressive activists are going to see it as their mission to make a stand in Kansas, try to turn Texas Purple and raise to the call of Georgia. In the end, in the Internet era; stark positions of two combatants in the political battle will force Americans from Mississippi to California to confront the compromise as the only way of 'living together in this union'. That is what will happen since a Republican in Arkansas cannot wage another Civil War with a Liberal in New England. Point is with Internet and changed mechanics of political organization; Americans are bound to adopt more compromise in the end. That is what the 'fashion of bipartisanship' in Congress means even though few leaders are loath to accept it

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