Monday, April 15, 2013

Is War on Terror Back?

Finally the law of averages has caught up with Obama Administration and the luck ran out. Sadly 3 people died and scores are injured. As information is scant about who was behind these attacks, their motivations and what it means going forward; few things are apparent. Fight against terror acts and all the familiar political compulsions of Bush era are back in focus. Smoke filled scene, building material falling around, fire fighters and police rushing to help folks in need; all these 9/11 invoking pictures are back. As a society we are more familiar with these types of attacks now; though not as seasoned as like Israelis or some other nations. (Sure enough, in Arab-Israeli dispute, Obama Administration cannot take any softer line when concerns of Israeli security comes up.)

For sure President Obama will show restrain and will be lot mindful in pursuing his strategies against domestic and international terror threats. To some extent, the prism through which Obama Administration looks at world events (how to avoid all sorts of external entanglement) will change too. Breeding grounds of terrorists and regimes which are hostile to America; Obama Administration will have to be more assertive against those. Simply said, Obama Administration will not have any more luxury of running totally inward looking policy. Even though this incidence turns about to be of domestic origin,  'renewed Public pressure' might make Obama Administration more assertive in foreign engagements when it comes to terror threats.

On the other hand the luxury the Administration would get is in asking Congress for more resources for security programs. To that extent removing senseless sequester cuts of Defense and Homeland Security should be easy. Possibly the political discourse and tone of endless confrontation may loose little bit as well. That should give Obama Administration and American System needed 'breathing space' to undertake all necessary steps in avoiding any tragedies like today's Boston Marathon Attack. All said, going forward substantial bandwidth of Obama Administration will be consumed in assessing these threats and mitigating all sorts of  security risks. 

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