Sunday, April 21, 2013

Male Beasts - India's Shame Continues

It is going to be long, long time before India is cured even to a reasonable degree from wide spread Male Chauvinism,  Male Brutality and Violence against Girls and Women. Latest uproar about a rape of 5 years old girl and violence against her is a step in that direction. Already many Delhites are realizing the importance of standing in support of those 'who raise their voices and refuse to tolerate any more non-sense'. 

The question is how long Rulers and Politicians want to continue this agony. If they take Administrative and Political Measures decisively; Indians would see that these politicians are on their side, on the right side of history and all of Indians would benefit. 

The key to Administrative improvements is transparent and quicker disposition of complaints from citizenry. Next, it is imperative that courts move faster on cases involving violence and sexual abuses against women and children. Whether current punishments on statues are sufficient for such crimes or not; sure Indians should have a debate about that. It is unlikely though current punishments for a convict in this regard would be any less. Critical thing is redressal and quicker disposition of these cases. Until that happens, ratcheting up harsher and harsher punishments for a convict will be of marginal utility. If your Police and Courts are convicting a sliver of vast number of accused even after a long period; what good it is that punishments are harsher while majority of perpetrators of such crimes are let go free? 

This would also mean Indian Police structure, their attitude, their training, their composition (more lady constables with larger portion of women in higher positions) and ways of holding accountability; all that need to change. Today, Indian Police force is primarily a cog in the wheel to perpetuate vast corrupt systems run by 'politicians-criminals-state resource plunderers'. The attitudinal basis of majority of Police Force is Feudal, class oriented society where it is far more important to attend needs of VVIP than taking complaints of grieving commons. (When that same VVIP can transfer you in a remote place and cause substantial dent in your income, it is natural for a police to listen to that VVIP. So change this incentive structure.)

Substantial number of these male sex criminals are coming from 'lower classes of India'. Well, because India is comprised predominantly of poor people and lower classes. Unfortunately sexual attitudes and perversion are also 'extreme' in this strata of the society. Religious leaders, caste leaders, community heads; many of them hardly regard enlightening commons about sexual attitudes and crimes against women and children as important. What we need in India is Media and Politicians (those who want to help change India) to take on Khap Panchayats and other retrograde religious organizations so as to cut short any moral justifications of sexual perversion. Also any 'class coloration' of sexual abuse, crime against children need to be avoided. 

We need Political Leaders in India who are actively promoting the culture of 'accountability in criminal prosecution of crimes against women and children'. (Yes, this means Delhi CM Shaila Dixit and Delhi's Police Commissioner need to go.) Rather than measuring progress of a state or region on the basis of Economic Growth Rate alone, we need 'High Command' which values, encourages and cherishes those leaders who have brought perceptible increase in number of cases resolved. 

Questions which Messers Dr. Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Shushil Kumar Shinde need to ask themselves are - have they done any of these things in light of all these cases which are getting exposed? What Political Capital Dr. Singh, Rahul or Sonia Gandhi have spent in addressing this carnage of rapes against minors, brutality against children and tone-deaf Police force? What is more important to Dr. Singh - to prepare and attend useless BRICS meeting in Durban in hobnobbing with the new rich kid on the block (Xi Jinping) or tending to burning needs of this vast country which is struggling to move itself on the path of more Humanity? 

Dr. Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and rulers of India have not done enough and are still not taking seriously what all they can do to shake up the dubious label Delhi has got - Rape Capital of India. Their job is to make Delhi as the 'model city' when it comes to security and well-being of women and children so as rest of the India can emulate that example. Obviously India's rulers are failing miserably in this basic job. 

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