Friday, April 05, 2013

Timing of Obama Budget

It is understandable that Republicans would be angry for the coming Obama Budget precisely because it is 'middle of the path' budget without extremes. It tarnishes GOP story of Obama as the Liberal Hack who would never talk entitlement cuts. So when he indeed intends to talk so, it 'boils GOP'; their leader promptly preempts the roll out and GOP lackey in Media simply follows on the clue

But President is perfectly right to time the budget when both House and Senate have put those poles - one on Left and the other on Right. And now head of the state is presenting exactly the middle path. Sure, those who are beholden to 'false equivalence' will find it insulting that President is proposing both cuts and revenues and GOP is back to their usual games of 'no compromise' in any case. These so called 'wise people' will then start faulting President for what - timing!

It is OK for Paul Ryan to issue his budget document as a statement of vision; but it is not OK to do same for Senate Democrats and President! 

Nevertheless rational arguments cannot persuade GOP. So to expose the whole GOP hypocrisy, as well as of those so called 'wise people'; President has to expose them by proposing a balanced budget. 

The play book does not change for President - keep presenting sensible, middle of the road options on fiscal issues. Let GOP intransigence rejects this part - at some point Americans are bound to take the notice. They will have to; as Economy again hits a road block possibly because of GOP games in Congress. 

There are folks on Left who are worried that the final deal will be at a midpoint between the Ryan proposal and already middle of the road proposal of President; meaning further to the Right. That fear is real, knowing President Obama's weakness to fall for GOP bipartisanship trap. But I suspect the difference is Senator Pat Murray - the Dem Senator who was able to achieve passing of a liberal budget from Senate. That should be the key difference this time - all these empowered lady Dem Senators (Murray, Warren, McCaskill, Heitkamp, Baldwin, Fischer; from class 1) should be the real 'glue' to hold the Democratic line in Senate. President Obama still has to do some catch up when it comes to 'women power'; but time has come for this Democratic Women Power in Senate to make the real difference. 

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