Friday, May 24, 2013

Nocera or Ignatius?

"Watching Obama on Thursday, one sensed that he still has the smarts and savvy to lead the country out of its dysfunctional mess, which is surely why the country reelected him: So get on with it!"

"Whenever he talks about Guantánamo, the president gives the impression that that’s what he believes. The shame — his shame — is that, for all his soaring rhetoric, he has yet to show that he is willing to act on that belief."

Whom do I side with? Having backed Barack Hussain Obama in most cases even before he was the President and  through 'thick and thin' of his Presidency; I may be tempted to see Ignatius view point.

But I side with Nocera in these matters. I belive Joe Nocera more than President in this specific case.

I understand, most Americans would be be least interested in what happens to less than thousand prisoners on an island of Cuba. It is all justified and OK from a common American Perspective so long as 'terrorist attacks' on the homeland are avoided. 

But how can we avoid the basic reality that the security of this mighty nation America is independent of how much injustice our State does to those prisoners? Then why? Then where is the justification of denying even basic 'lawyer interaction' for these prisoners at Guantanamo prison? Forget Madison, Jefferson and all those lofty ideals. 

For all the erudite and wise public speech by President Obama; reality and his actions do not square with what 'walk the talk' requires this President to do.

Mr. President, be bold, listen to critics likes Joe Nocera and undertake what it needs to be done. 

That is your legacy Dear President. 

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