Thursday, May 30, 2013

ObamaCare and GOP Arguments

Jonathan Chait, probably the most logical and ruthless voice of Progressives in America, attempts to find contradictions in GOP arguments against ObamaCare while battling challenges thrown by Tea Party. But may be we need more spoon feeding than what he undertook here.

Sure, it could be my fault that I do not understand intricacies rendered by Chait; but having said that, I have to admit that - his rebuttal does not make much sense (especially for the second point in his post).

GOP can perfectly maintain that "OK, health care costs are not inflating even if Republicans did not expect that to happen"; but:
- clearly the law which is yet to be implemented - ObamaCare - cannot have a hand in that; and
- precisely this healthy trend of reducing health care costs is sabotaged by ObamaCare and hence we should undo this law.

GOP can continue to argue "Look America, ObamaCare is actually going to increase health care costs and is going to effectively arrest the trend which otherwise would liberate America".

When I get potently compromised and provocative on purpose claims like this one from Real Clear Politics on my Facebook Wall; we know that GOP campaign of twisting reality of ObamaCare is in full swing.

What we need is Democrats to explain Americans that this trend of 'contained heath care cost' will be further encouraged by ObamaCare. I believe that is the case; but Politics of it demands that Progressives and Obama Administration are much more adroit in explaining all that than what they have been so far. 

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