Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Ryan Miscalculations and Opportunity for WH

“This was Ryan’s spiel.”

Basically Rep. Paul Ryan miscalculated in assuming Obama Economy will continue to be One Trillion Deficit per year economy as if President Obama was writing some hidden welfare checks all along. Rep. Ryan thought these Trillion Dollar deficits will continue and as such will provide an opportunity by late Spring to early Summer of 2013 to whack the Administration when White House would come to Congress on knees to increase the debt ceiling.

As things stand, we are potentially talking Fall of 2013 before Federal Government needing to increase the debt ceiling due to improving budget deficit. That throws out Rep. Paul Ryan's game plan of forcing Obama Administration in submission to fulfill Republican Budget Fantasies by Spring. Seems like Ryan fantasies are not going to realize after all.

As I have been saying, the basic problem for Obama White House is 'how do you maintain the combative posture against GOP while courting GOP for any kind of bi-partisanship before 2013 folds and electioneering of 2014 takes hold'. 

Part of the solution is for President Obama to argue - as facts are with him now - that whenever Congress decides to 'cool down and ditches its habit of governance by crisis'; American Economy holds up. Just to say folks,  that is little bit of easy to your Johny Commoner. 

Come on, Rep. Paul Ryan; you can spare some economic stability and economic predictability while you are fighting tooth and nail failure of your anti-Keynesian Economic Theories. How about helping Common Americans once in while and to undertake the normal politicking of Congressional  'give and take'?

That is what we need from President Obama - the grand daddy shaming his opponents by showering 'love' and daring them to cross interests of common Americans, now that it is evident what a 'governance by crisis' free economy looks like.

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