Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spin and Heavy Handedness

Even though White House seems to have withered the first wave of 'scandal attack' and President Obama is able to retain his poll numbers, and quite possibly Republicans still would overplay 'scandal' card; there are few things Obama White House needs to watch for, needs to avoid. For example:

- One of the few 'fact checkers' which has gained credibility over last few years is Washington Post's Glenn Kessler. What Obama White House needs to do is avoid ratcheting the rhetoric and spin to a degree where it lands with multiple Pinocchio's; which is what certain claims of White House are looking now.

- Next, though President remains out of the loop of these revised updates of 'who knew when' (the precise fishing expedition White House wants to avoid) in case of IRS scandal; any revision of account with upward trajectory of 'knowledge at a time'; is no good. Again rules of damage control are very clear here - always come clean, come early and don't hide as much as possible so that any kind of subsequent 'revisionism' is avoided.

- When one of your backers in Media starts shouting 'foul'; you know that you have started to burn bridges with your supporters. That is no good.

So all in all, I would say even though the worst may be over; Obama White House still needs to be 'less on spin', needs to be much more forthcoming and avoid all sorts of controversies by being 'not heavy handed'. Obama White House needs to keep the focus on Economy and other issues of substance, avoid indulging in bravado like 'not spending more than 10% of time on scandals' (why talk about that? just keep doing your work, is that so hard?). Because that is where Obama Administration's strength lies as Economy holds up. 

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