Saturday, June 08, 2013

Dawn of New Cyberwar?

It is a great news that two consequential leaders of the world agreed about belligerent North Korea and few other issues; but what comes out prominently is about their differences. If reports are true, it seems neither President Obama have convinced President Xi the real dangers and destructive power of 'hacking' nor Chinese leadership seems to take 'cyber crimes / cyber war / cyber security' that seriously.

This week I saw that how an ordinary blogger like me can be 'shut down' by some arcane practices of Google and Go Daddy. With every passing day, "you live if you have presence in Cloud" truism is coming to more and more folks on this globe. What it means is with every passing day, welfare and fundamental security of common people is going to be determined by how well Nation States honor and enforce Cyber Laws and Agreements. To hear that China leadership is not 'that receptive to these issues' is no good news.

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