Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snowden Goes South From Here

Veteran reporter Mark Ambinder wondered whether Edward Snowden has crossed a red line by spilling beans to America's competitors and adversaries. Mark Ambinder rightly diagnosed 'what endgame Snowden plans' is crucial.

Landing in Moscow, cozying up with Putin's Russia and then again sleeping with Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador; that is a veritable list of America's adversaries. Missing are Iran and Syria! At this rate to be on a global trip doling out all these Americas security details to states which hardly have any sterling record in respecting human spirit - Snowden is going out in flames. When initial sympathizers like Sen. Ron Paul are turning on him; things indeed look grim.

Luckily, the shelf life of Snowden's information will not be long in the fast moving digital world. NSA would have expected to start the 'mopping up exercise' in full swing and American Security Apparatus  would have moved on. I cannot imagine NSA and American Security Establishment would so dumb to allow continued bleeding of their assets due to defection of one person. They were fool enough to have allowed Snowden in this position, but beyond that Americans expect NSA to recover.

As Nancy Pelosi rightly said (forget booing of Nancy, that is just posturing by Progressives), the real issue here is these expensive contractors like Booz Allen Hamilton which cost America lot and at the same time pose risk. May be Congress and Federal Government revisit the policy of 'outsourcing all these things' and see if they can bring some of these things in-house. Clearly these contractors are not going away as Federal Government would not be able to undertake all of that work by their own employees. But moving the needle bit 'in-house' may be a part of measures to secure further Americas secrets. As Immigration Bill shows, after all Republicans will not be always opposing Federal Government to grow (they want to add 20,000 more border security agents). Bringing critical security work in-house seems to be one such legitimate cause.

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